October 31, 2008 at 7:42 pm

Media Port UP300x Multimedia Headset

Media Port UP300x Multimedia HeadsetNikon Corporation has announced the Media Port UP300x multimedia playback headset that features display, headphones, audio/video player, Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, built-in memory, and the power source all-in-one.  The Media Port UP will be available initially in Japan, but it can be exported to other regions.

Major Functions Include:

  • The compact, all-in-one unit provides video and music enjoyment anywhere, hands-free
  • Media Port UP offers the same experience as viewing a 50-inch screen from a three meter distance
  • The system boasts a compact, lightweight display that provides a high-quality image from the use of a new adhesion double-layer diffractive optical element (DOE) lens
  • The UP300x includes an integrated motion sensor that enables hands-free operation, such as volume control, file selection, playback, pause, etc. via head movement
  • 8GB of internal memory is provided (a lower-end model is also available with 4GB)
  • The system is designed with a high eyepoint and diopter adjustment that allows easy use for anyone, even those who wear glasses
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows for web browsing as well as media content downloading through the unit
  • A content distribution service for the system will also be available soon for convenient download and enjoyment of desired movies and music
  • Windows Media content is fully supported


  1. Wifi option is a great feature. Looks promising.

  2. The UP300x can hold MPEG-2 data of up to 160 minutes in length or WMV9 data of up to 500 minutes in length (MPEG-2 files recorded at 6.5Mb/s, WMV files recorded at 2Mb/s).

  3. Wow, how is the video quality? With wifi too… it would be good if we can have a keyboard some where on it.

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  7. Are the available now a days?

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