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3 Funny Uses for Your Cloud

The advent of cloud computing technology has certainly brought more than a slight hint of flair, practicality, and increased convenience to the management of business operations as well as individuals’ lives. After all, since when could you travel from one continent to another and not even have to bring along any of your office paperwork,(…)


Best Note-Taking Apps

As an avid fan of applications of all kinds, I read a lot of best-of lists around the web. But when these lists include apps for note taking, they always seem to miss several of those that I have found to be some of the very best. Here is a collection of 10 note-taking apps(…)


How to Control Your Home Computer From Anywhere but Home

It is possible for you to be able to connect to your home computer from a different location, and work with your files, photos and software. With Virtual Network Computing (VNC), you can connect to your home computer’s desktop from any computer with Internet access. The VNC technology uses remote capabilities to control another computer(…)